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Ducathen's comprehensive understanding of electronic board design enables us to provide robust, innovative, and production-ready solutions. PCBs are fundamental to every effective electrical project, and their proper implementation and design are vital to the product's success.

Throughout the design phase, many different aspects need to be considered, including part selection, board design, and production costs. At Ducathen we recognise the trade-offs that must be made and are confident that we can design the optimal solution that is right for you.

We are always striving to verify the design's performance against the user requirements and develop solutions to ensure you are utilising the best resources available. We can support you in accelerating the development process, whether you're designing a single board for an existing product or starting afresh with a new project.

A typical product design cycle includes the following steps:

  • Feasibility
  • Concept
  • Product Design
  • Prototype
  • Validation
  • Compliance
  • Production​

Ducathen provides comprehensive certification and regulatory support to all of our clients, as well as offering pre-compliance testing to minimize the rate of failure.

Bespoke Build and Design – PCB – Electronics Testing and Validation – Prototype Development – Understanding of Digital & Analogue – Integrated Workflow

Learn more about how we can assist you during a key development phase or perhaps even an entire development cycle.

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