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An electronics design consultancy who can provide the skills you need to make your product idea a reality.
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Product Development

Electronic product development is all about seeing the solution. To do that you often need a fresh perspective and some innovative input. By offering you our start-to-finish solution you will move from concept through prototyping to production and do it within budget and on time.

We help you with:

Electronic Design Expertise - Problem solving – Innovate ideas – Solutions – Collaboration

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Electronic Design

Whether you are working from basic prototype designs to intricate high-speed digital systems, we give access to the skillsets needed to build your hardware solution. Great design and development in electronics happens when you have access to support when you need it from the early concept right until product launch. We can also help you with the testing and validation of the hardware, so you are confident any errors have been identified and eliminated.

We help you with:

Bespoke Build and Design – PCB – Electronics Testing and Validation – Prototype Development – Understanding of Digital & Analogue – Integrated Workflow


Embedded Software

Software development is key regardless of it being a part of a larger project or a one-time service. You need reliable, experienced developers who can take a dynamic approach to embedded software and provide a trusted and adaptable platform. In the end it is great software that delivers a compelling user experience.

We help you with:

C, C++ - Python – Programming – Integrated Software Development – Android and iOS – Interface and Functionality
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Project Management

If you want accelerated development, you need to start with clear specifications and a precise, working, project plan. Development is dynamic and that means it also needs to be flexible enough to allow for updating and reviewing throughout the course of the project. By applying our phase gated approach, we can ensure you keep the end goal as a fixed point not a moving target.

We help you with:

Resource Planning – Project Development for Electronic Design – Planning – Management Budget Awareness - Structure


Firmware Solutions

When you need a firmware solution for your project you want it intuitive, debugged, fully operational and keyed to the project. Custom firmware development for a variety of popular microcontrollers is a regular request from our clients. Call us and let’s talk about how we can use either bare-metal or real-time operating systems to find the best solution for your hardware.

We help you with:

Firmware – Microcontroller – Debug – Bare Metal – Arm – Python – Interface - RTOS


Sometimes you need an outside voice from a consultant who knows how to offer a solution. We love your problems here at Ducathen. We are always willing to listen to your problems to see where we can help support you through specific aspects of electronic design. Talk to us (there is a form on the site) and send us an overview of your problem. We want to work with you to give you the boost you need to move to the next stage of your project. 

We help you with:

Consultation – Electronics Design Support and Advice – Advise – Electronic Design Assistance

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We love an electronics problem here at Ducathen, so why not push the button and tell us all about it?
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Ducathen Steve Borely

Meet Steve.

Steve is our founder and head problem solver. Hear all about what Ducathen stands for and why we do what we do.
"Design is not just what it looks like and
feels like. Design is how it works"

Steve Jobs

One final thought…

Post-Covid and with a widening skills gap UK electronics design occasionally needs a helping hand. Steve has been working on developing solutions for everything from domestic equipment to heavy industrial machinery for over 25 years. There aren’t many problems he hasn’t encountered and solved. If you need experience, then why not get in touch, and let us help?

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