About Us 

Here at Ducathen we are passionate problem solvers who love finding simple and effective solutions for our clients.

We are engineers at heart and we believe in solutions that work. We all strive for perfection but engineering is about finding the right fit between cost, time and functionality. The resolution you need is one that meets the requirements of your project. That means having your feet on the ground and finding practical solutions.

With nearly 30 years of experience to bring to the table we have the ideas and the skills to bring those ideas to fruition.

Some of our past achievements include:

Discovering new and novel ways of controlling and wavelength tuning lasers used in modern networks.

Creating new modelling techniques that have driven the design and effectiveness of medical equipment.

Innovative ways to compress complex firmware to fit into the smallest and cheapest microcontroller for consumer audio systems.

We work for you, with you and we are as much a part of your process from concept to production as you need.

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Tel: 01327 201555

Ducathen Limited trading as Ducathen. Registered in England. Company No. 11928394. Registered office 51 High Street, Astcote, Towcester, England, NN12 8NW

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